Arvind Narayanan (arvindn) wrote,
Arvind Narayanan

Productivity and performance hacks

In the last few years I've adopted several behavioral 'hacks' that have been life-changing, and some which I've learnt about recently and show strong potential of being life-changing.
Each of these has been tremendously valuable (except the last category which I have yet to practice seriously). In monetary terms: a lifestyle change that increases my productivity by 10%, under the simplifying assumption that it eventually translates to a commensurate increase in income, is worth millions of dollars in lifetime earnings. (I'm just trying to derive a quantitative lower bound on the benefits; a lot of the gain is obviously nonmonetary.)

This suggests that rationally, I should be expending a huge amount of effort trying to learn about more of these behavioral changes. And yet my current expenditure of effort is zero—I've learnt about all of the above serendipitously.

How can I fix this?
Tags: brain, hack, productivity
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