Arvind Narayanan (arvindn) wrote,
Arvind Narayanan

Adjustable standing desks wobble like an old drunk on a bridge in an earthquake during a hurricane

After improvising standing desks for years at home, at work, and in hotels all over the country, I finally got myself a legit electric sit/stand desk at Princeton. Sadly, it's been a disappointment.

The problem is that since it has only two legs, it's wobbly. When I type, my monitor shakes enough to be jarring and distracting. I've tried touching the keys more softly, but it doesn't help. It happens even when the platform is lowered, but it's especially acute when it's raised.

At first I thought the particular model I bought must be faulty, but I can't imagine a two-legged desk not having this issue. Also, here's someone else complaining about the same problem with a completely different setup.

This is mainly a PSA for others who might be considering buying an adjustable standing desk. Somehow all the glowing articles I read failed to mention this dealbreaker. If you have any suggestions for hacking together a solution, I'm all ears.

Edit. About half an hour after my post, the person who runs Beyond the Office Door (from where I bought the desk) emailed saying I shouldn't be having this problem and to give him a call. That was a pleasant surprise. It's pretty cool what the Internet is doing to customer service. I'll update again once I have a chance to call.
Tags: fail, standing desk
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