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Notes on language(s)

Intonation in American English. Several years ago I used to wonder why affirmative statements (especially answers to questions) in American English have the same intonation as questions half the time. If you were raised in America you have no idea how weird this sounds to everybody else. (Of course I do this myself now and hardly notice it.)

Now a New York magazine article (via emeritusl) provides a possible answer. Kids are apparently praised so much that they become dependent on the approval of adults with every sentence or action, resulting in “shorter task persistence, more eye-checking with the teacher, and inflected speech such that answers have the intonation of questions.”


La langue la plus belle. Et l'oratrice la plus belle ;^) I'm going to try to see if I can help my ambling French along by finding ways to learn that are easier to get motivated enough to do consistently. Specifically, watching Melissa Theuriau videos on youtube :-)

Películas en Español. Can anyone recommend some good Spanish movies? I watched Pan's labyrinth and found it an excellent way to improve my Spanish. Bear in mind that I didn't like that movie, unlike virtually everyone else, and so there is apparently something wrong with me.
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