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Impending Death by Paperwork (it can happen, you know)

I ran into Sasha at the gym yesterday and he said he'd just emerged from 10 hours of paperwork. I knew right away I had it coming at least as bad. I decided to start with something simple, filing a reimbursement claim. Well, it took me just under 3 hours, required solving a 2-D bin packing problem, and cost me $15 to do all the printing, copying and faxing involved. Too bad they won't reimburse that. The rest of this week is going to be even worse.

I can't understand why we're stuck with so much paperwork even though the technology exists to move away from it and there is financial incentive for all parties involved. And I find it hard to believe that some people will voluntarily take on more paperwork to save or make a small amount of money (you know who you are :-)
Tags: automation, computers, paperwork, rant
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